Buttero Spring/Summer 2010

Posted in Fashion on April 1, 2010 by weiz4thakidz

This pic doesn’t do the collection justice kidz. Washed dyed suedes & smooth leather! Hit the link for loafers and boat shoes.


Jackson Pollock

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This has been around for a bit but I couldn’t resist posting on it. For your desktop, iPhone, and the iPad – create your own Pollocks kidz. It’s pretty damn fun.

I Am Capt. Lacoste

Posted in Fashion on April 1, 2010 by weiz4thakidz

My nickname, given to me by a wonderful friend, and it’s true. 9 times out of ten you will see me in a Lacoste shirt. This collection combines Lacoste greatness with the true style and grace of Barneys. This retro fit polo represents just 1 of the 3 original styles. The collection also supplies retro flat-front white tennis shorts and a pima cotton v-neck sweater. Find this one on your own kidz!

WHIZ – Bandana Shirt

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This post is especially for AK

WHIZ using inkjet photo prints on their custom fabrics – old and vintage materials with thick stitching. It’s also available in red kidz.

Just Throwing This Out There

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Alright kidz, in the last week or so, a lot of news has come out regarding something Aftermath related. Eminem’s twitter stated that some BIG news was coming, there were rumors of the first Detox single coming out, and now this pic of Dre and Jay in the studio (it is real and it’s not old)…. So what should we take from all of this? May Detox finally be coming? We know that Mr. Carter wrote for Dre on the last album…. Let’s hope that Detox will actually see the light of day this year!


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If you haven’t checked out Congratulations yet, do yourself the favor. It’s different but most of us are loving it. On that topic, enjoy Flash Delirium!

Barton Perreira

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I’ve had my eye on these for quite some time. Newly released 5th Collection offers zesty colorway mixes which have helped this company make their mark on the sunglass world. Check the link for their collections and locations for purchase.