Utterly Asinine

I’m still having trouble believing that this story is real and that the woman I heard advocating for this is an actual person……
A group in Massachusetts wants a bill (Bill To End Male Genital Mutilation) passed to ban male circumcision! Really? Surely they jest (props to Champ)! This group claims that circumcision is painful, violates a baby’s human rights, and decreases future sexual sensation. I actually heard one of the members advocating on the radio Thursday and I was disgusted. For one, NO WOMAN should go near this subject as the procedure has no effect whatsoever on them. Secondly, her reasoning has no merit. Anyone involved in the medical community knows that circumcision cuts down on infections for the male and actually reduces the risk of transmitting STD’s to partners. This woman had the gall to flat out deny these truths. Enough ranting, hit the link for more.



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