Kanye Shades Upgraded


Alain Mikli’s Swarovski Crystal Shutter Shades. These sunglasses are encrusted with Swarovski Crystals, extremely limited, and running for $3650 HKD. Oh yeah, they’re only available in Hong Kong for the time being……


One Response to “Kanye Shades Upgraded”

  1. silenceinarchitecture Says:

    I really, really had hoped these things had already died off. Kanye is about the only person who hasn’t looked like a complete douche bag wearing shutter shades…and that was only for about 30 seconds. If I see one more white kid in a day-glo No Age shirt with an ironic can of shitty beer in his hand….I’m going to get all black metal on his ass. Whiskey+Darkthrone=Me Fuckin’ a Bitch Ass Hipster up.

    I’m just playin’. But seriously…fuck these things.

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