War Coffins: America’s Dead


For those of you who missed this, President Obama in his first prime-time televised conference mentioned a review of a ban of media coverage and photographs of America’s dead. Well, the Pentagon is lifting the ban at this very moment in a press conference being given by Defense Secretary Robert Gates. This is a big deal considering the ban has been in effect since the Gulf War, 1991. Follow the story on CNN’s site or take a look at events leading up to this decision at NPPA’s website.




4 Responses to “War Coffins: America’s Dead”

  1. Calling them America’s dead seems a little harsh… perhaps referrng to them as America’s fallen may have been a better choice.

  2. weiz4thakidz Says:


  3. weiz4thakidz Says:

    One more thing, read the original damn article (from CNN) before saying anything. Boa noite

  4. abkennedy Says:

    Don’t tread on me bitch

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