So Fresh and So Swiss


lxseat1The Swiss(airlines) are doing some serious renovating on their first class seats. These are bound to beat up the competition, with lounge chairs that stretch out to over 2 meter beds and 23” maximum quality, flat screen TVs. The airline has included many trans-international flights from major U.S. cities to Europe and beyond. Check it out via Swiss Air’s site under “New Swiss First Class Seat” or check  out the details and pictures in the first class “Gallery.”

 first_class.aspx      index.aspx?Country=US


4 Responses to “So Fresh and So Swiss”

  1. Fuck that, i need my own jet with bean bags chairs in it with a bud light! THATS BALLER KIDZ

  2. ballerkid Says:

    Let me stir your memory a bit “Blake” about the state the economy is in. I know that this is not the cheapest way to fly, however it is an alternative to looking like a complete ass with your “own” jet, flying around on your “bean bag chairs” while everybody spends their beans on things like the bills. Remember this?

  3. Damn boo boo the fool can’t joking around a little bit! Consider this ” ballerkid” smoking a phatty and pulling the stick out of yourt ass! another joke boo boo

  4. silenceinarchitecture Says:

    I walk places.

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