Rad Shades Live @ Home

The month of November was just like any other minus the fact that Miles Compton was holding it down back in his hometown. This allowed for the two of us to come together and attempt to make something in the short time we had. We had a great time playing together and not getting much work done due to Stella Artois & the always pressing house guest getting all up in our chee. With that said it came to crunch time & Miles was leaving at the end of the week we had to have some sort of collaboration on the record. We spent the rest of the time working on this mix, however not much time was spent on it, more time was spent starting the recored button over.  It has some highs and it has some lows.  It’s nice to know just what we can do in a short amount of time. I hope you all enjoy this mix it was a great learning process for the both of us and you can bet your sweet white castle ass you will be hearing more from Rad Shades in the future. click to cartoon.

Guest House Laboratory


One Response to “Rad Shades Live @ Home”

  1. tyrranosauruscompton Says:

    good looking post, my man, gotta save that other art work you emailed me for the next mix…

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