totally jazzed

So I’ve been been getting my feet wet in this DeeJaying junk for a couple of months, but have had to take a hiatus so I can focus on interviews this month.  Anyhow, I got antsy over a weekend in January and put this little mix together; kind of a precursor of a much longer project I plan to finish in March.  I’m pleased with the little amount of time I actually used to put this together, hopefully it’ll move a couple of feet in the end…click the orange link below and enjoy!





totally jazzed


4 Responses to “totally jazzed”

  1. tyrranosauruscompton Says:

    thanks a million, every thumbs up gives me more reason to make the next one better…

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  3. silenceinarchitecture Says:

    I hope it’s ok, but I posted a link to this post on my blog:

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